We are a specialist supplier of 2G and 3G site related products.

We  develop and supply WIFI and W-lan products for professional infrastructure.

Key products;

  • Greenfield towers and masts.

  • Telescopic towers for events.

  • EMC rooftop platforms for multi-operator use.

  • Jumper-seal weatherproofing.

  • RC-PT Antenna pan and tilt system.

  • SPAA Satellite positioned Antenna Alignment

  • WiFi towers up to 24 meters.

  • Wifi outdoor housings for Hotspot  points.

  • Wifi antennas.

8000 site packages.

Within 8 years we have supplied more than 8000 site packages to the mobile market in Europe.

Feel free to contact us for a operator specific

site package.  Delivered on-site on-time

Coax Partners

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ICB system with 30meter tower

Partners Holding International group

We are available for you in following countries:

  • Netherlands,

  • Belgium,

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

UMTS Project Partners, Coax Partners Belgium BVBA Coax Partners UK Ltd and CP Towers Ltd are part  of Partners holding International bv


Okt 03

SPAA introduced.

Using latest D-GPS makes It  possible to align 2G/3G antennas within 0,5 degrees accuracy in a few minutes

Okt 03

First QDT site sold to UK operator, 24m meter tower on precast 4x4 base  erected within 3 1/2 hrs.

Sept 03

30m ICB for Tetra network deployed in Ferriers Belgium. 

Sept 03

15# ICB towers shipped in two days for UK Tetra network.

August 03

Announcement of new

Quicksite event tower.

Sea container based 30m telescopic tower erected in 30 minutes without crane.

July 03

Announcement of new QDT23 site, Quick Deployment Tower to ad range of XT towers ballast systems